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Fall Connection with Dr. Alyson Moore

"The Hybrid Rehearsal: Explore the Artistry of Combining Vocal Pedagogy, Ear Training, Music Reading, Harmony, and Form to Prepare Your Choirs to Sing!" and "Effective Strategies for Children's Choir" with Dr. Alyson Moore

Time and Location:

Saturday, October 28th

Registration: 8:30 - 8:55 AM 

Workshop: 9 - 12 PM Pacific Time (There will be a 15-minute break between sessions.)

California State University, Bakersfield | Music Building

9001 Stockdale Highway, Bakersfield CA 93311

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“Music must not be approached from its intellectual, rational side, nor should it be conveyed to the child as a system of algebraic symbols, or as a secret writing of a language with which he has no connection. The way should be paved for direct intuition.”  - Zoltan Kodály

(Selected Writings, p. 120)

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